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holy grail!Her en der zijn op dit moment, over de hele wereld, dertigers en veertigers koortsachtig aan het downloaden.

De Heilige Graal is vandaag op internet achtergelaten. Er is een nieuwe bootleg verschenen van The Smiths met nooit eerder verschenen opnames, zoals demo's, outtakes en andere versies.

Ik citeer.

Okay here's a bit of information for you guys. I just downloaded the files and compared them with what I have. Here's what I know:

Warner Strategic Marketing considered releasing a limited edition 2-cd set of "The Very Best Of The Smiths" in 2001. The seven tracks from the second disc were sent to various people involved in the project. All seven are on this bootleg:

Reel Around The Fountain (final Troy Tate album version)
The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (John Porter monitor mix)
This Night Has Opened My Eyes (studio version June 84)
Rusholme Ruffians (Electric version July 84)
Frankly Mr Shankly (Trumpet version november 85)
Is It Really So Strange (June 86 'single' version)
Paint A Vulgar Picture (monitor mix March 87)

A compilation of outtakes from the sessions for "The Queen Is Dead" was at some point sent to record company people for some sort of anniversary reissue of the album (25th I think). From this 18 track compilation, two songs made it on this bootleg:

The Queen Is Dead (full version)
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (take 1)
(plus of course Frankly which I've already mentioned above)

The rest are various demos.

Untitled 1 is called "I Misses You"
Untitled 2 is called "Heavy Track"
Both here are excerpts. The full versions are longer than that.

"Sheila Take A Bow" is the Porter version from January 1987
"Ask" is the pre-remix version

The rest are monitor mixes/demos for Strangeways.

This means that the makers of this bootleg have lots more in store that they could leak on more bootlegs. I hope this will push Warner to finally put out some sort of box set or the album reissues with unreleased material. Otherwise bootleggers will be making more compilations like these and eventually cut all the profits that the labels could be making.

Terwijl ik dit tik, ben ik nog aan het downloaden. Over 4 minuten heb ik ze binnen. Tot die tijd lees ik de commentaren van die downloadende veertigers op het Morrissey Solo-forum:

To those that have heard it - how many of these are 'new'? Versions that we haven't heard before?

Just about all of them, this is magnificent!!!
Find of the century, I am speechless...

Disco Dancer is simply gorgeous, Girlfriend is kind of a reggae track, Rusholme is totally different...
All tracks are different to the ones we have known and loved for the last 23 to 27 years, perhaps with the exception of Frankly (with horns) and Paint A Vulgar Picture which I believe are the same ones that were leaked recently.

Happy does not begin to describe how I feel, I am ECSTATIC!!!

Who said Santa's not real.

Genius steals!

Bit by bit we shall find all these lost demos!

I have been playing the download all day. Daft as it may seem, it feels like I am listening to a new Smiths album. I am reminded again and again of why The Smiths will always be the greatest band of all time for me.

"I'm glad you guys are enjoying the songs I leaked" - Julian Assange

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